Video of the Premiere Utah Breakfast Club Event, 'Hollywood on the Wasatch Front'

SALT LAKE CITY - The Utah Breakfast Club today released the full-length video from its premiere event, "Hollywood on the Wasatch Front," and which took place on Thursday, January 15, 2015.

The discussion from the event was a worthy representation of what the Utah Breakfast Club aims to achieve: Smart, collaborate solutions to the problems and opportunities identified in the discussion.

Among the themes emerging from the event included the need for greater coordination in the digital media space. Indeed, as part of Thursday's discussion, a new grass-roots efforts, dubbed "Made in Utah" (MIU) was born, and which included a Facebook page and a Twitter handle. An area that received a lot of attention in the discussion was the need for video post-production opportunities to make use of the deep reservoir of talent in Utah.

Marshall Wright of the Governor's Office of Economic Development spoke about the need for the greater use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and said that GOED would be hosting discussions about a process to deploy UAVs for film-making as part of the Sundance Film Festival that launches later this week. 

Virginia Pearce of the Utah Film Commission highlighted the opportunities for film-making in the state. Incentive packages are necessary and worthwhile to recruit film-makers to the state, she said, the greater attraction are the incredible levels of talent, and minimal bureaucracy.

Jon Dan, Craig Caldwell and Clark Stacey addressed aspects of the digital media/video game ecosystem in the Wasatch Front region. Together with frequent observations and questions from an engaged crowd, a good bit of the discussion turned to how to leverage the incredible assets of film and video production on a larger scale.

The next event of the Utah Breakfast Club will be "Silicon Slopes: How Real is the Marketing Hype?" on Saturday, January 31, from 3-4:30 p.m., and is part of StartSLC: Utah's Largest Grassroots Startup Festival. The event is free to StartSLC attendees. The Utah Breakfast Club returns to its regular location and time on Thursday, February 12, from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., for a discussion of "Finding Solutions to the Inversion." Registration for Utah Breakfast Club events (breakfast included) is $25; while Utah Breakfast Club members enjoy a 40% discount.

Also don't miss the Highlights of "Hollywood on the Wasatch Front" edited video.

The titles of the panelists in the discussion:

Craig Caldwell, USTAR Senior Research Professor, Digital Media Cluster; and Arts Director, Engineering Arts and Entertainment, University of Utah
Jon Dean, CEO XacFAQ and Guv1; formerly with EA
Virginia Pearce, Director, Utah Film Commission
Clark Stacey, CEO, Wildworks
Marshall N. Wright, Director, Business Development, Governor's Office of Economic Development
Moderator - Drew Clark, Founder, Utah Breakfast Club; Of Counsel, Kirton McConkie