With so much activity on clean air in Utah, you shouldn't miss tomorrow's Utah Breakfast Club

If you're not already familiar with the Utah Breakfast Club, I wanted to take a moment and introduce you our monthly discussion group. We seeks to Enhance the Advantages and Confront the Challenges of life in Utah.

We aim to prompt discussion about improving the things that make Utah strong, including its economy, entrepreneurial culture and strong network of volunteerism. We also aim to shine light on areas that need improvement, including enhancing educational opportunity and addressing air quality. We meet on the second Thursday of each month in the auditorium of the State Office Building. Breakfast begins at 7 a.m., and the program starts at 7:30 a.m.

Tomorrow's event is on "Finding Solutions to the Inversion," and we have a starring cast of experts and policy-makers who will be participating, including:

  • Kerry Kelly, University of Utah and Utah State Air Quality Board
  • Alan Matheson, Senior Environmental Advisor, Gov. Gary Herbert
  • Lee J. Peacock, President, Utah Petroleum Association
  • Shawn Teigen, Research Director, Utah Foundation
  • Moderator - Drew Clark, Founder, Utah Breakfast Club; Of Counsel, Kirton McConkie

We'll be discussing one of the clearest problems that Utah faces is the very unclear pollution within the inversion days experienced in January and February. With economic growth accelerating, population growth not far behind, many signs point to continued and worsening periods of inversion. Are there positive signs? If so, what are they? What policy levers does the state and the legislature have to address these hazy and unhealthy days? And what of the Environmental Protection Agency's "Tier 3" fuel standards? Will the national rollout of EPA rules help or hurt air quality in Utah?

Register for the event at http://www.utahbreakfast.com/events/2015/2/12/utah-breakfast-club-february-2015