Rob Reiner's "Being Charlie" is coming to Salt Lake City. But Utah has serious competition among other film-making states....

Recently, it was announced that Rob Reiner would be bringing his crew to Utah to shoot “Being Charlie,” starting in April. More than 100 people will be part of the cast and crew. Officials with the Utah Film Commission say it’s an independent film, so it won’t be nearly the size and scope of one of Reiner’s more famous productions, “The Princess Bride.”

The producers qualified for a tax incentive worth over $265,000 to film in Utah. That’s nearly 25 percent of what film crews will spend while working in the Beehive State.

”We have an on-going amount of money. Every year it gets replenished, but it is at the lower levels,” said Commission Director Virginia Pearce.

But other states are stepping up their efforts to entice producers. Pearce said 75 percent of states have some sort of tax incentive program for movie makers, and many of them don’t limit how much money they give back, like Utah does.