My column in the Deseret News this Sunday focused on some aspect of education and workforce training that we touched upon at the Utah Breakfast Club in March. Here's a sample:

The problem bedeviling the issue of educational attainment is that almost all versions of education reform ultimately need to be reformed.

It’s time to stop reforming, and time to start disrupting established patterns within secondary and higher education.

Remember education reform, circa 2000? It was called “No Child Left Behind.” It aimed to push failing schools to greater proficiency through more testing and penalties for failure. More than 40 states now have waivers from that law, and Congress is considering a rewrite.


This mismatch between college degrees and workforce needs is pressing throughout the country, including here in Utah. At the last meeting of Utah Breakfast Club, the dean of the College of Tech/Computing at Utah Valley University Michael Savoie spoke on “Tackling the State’s Workforce Challenges.”

”The number one degree in the United States right now is psychology,” Savoie said. “The fastest growing degree in U.S. higher education right now is psychology. The lowest need of any B.S. four-year degree in the U.S. right now is psychology.”