Kathleen Kaufman, past president and current policy chairwoman for the Utah Nurses Association, speaks about the need for Health Utah in the Deseret News.

Dear State Legislator,

This spring a blizzard struck Utah. Come on a journey with me … a journey very possible for any of us. Your vehicle was side-swiped and sent under the wheels of a semi. Your vehicle was one of those crushed between trucks on I-80. You survived. This is what happens next: You have sustained a severe head injury and multiple crushed bones. You are expertly extricated, stabilized at the scene and transported to a Level One Trauma Center. Here, the critical care team identifies your traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal compression and several internal organs damaged in the crush. Surgery saves the organs, but there is no definitive care for your brain injury and spinal cord compression except time and rehabilitation.

You survive and gradually improve in the ICU over several weeks until complications set in and then it is a daily fight for your life against infection, kidney failure, respiratory failure and ever-varying intracerebral pressure. After 84 grueling days with much pain and a huge amount of mechanical, medical and nursing support, you are stable enough to go to the acute care floor. A few more weeks pass with daily struggles and you are deemed ready to go to the rehab floor.
— http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865628236/Healthy-Utah-can-protect-against-trauma-of-medical-debt.html