My column in Sunday's Deseret News discusses the need to ensure that transportation spending decisions are made with a view toward more than just road capacity. Click on the headline for the link to the full article.

WASHINGTON — So much of politics here in the nation’s capital is about moving money from someone’s pocket to someone else’s. As a result, the threat of generational or sectional warfare frequently lurks below the surface of budget debates.

That’s why it’s refreshing when think tanks and politicians disseminate ideas that can expand — rather than redistribute — the nation’s economic pie. They do this by enabling policies that unlock value-creation.

Take federal transportation funding. The worthy idea of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation is to direct no less than 5 percent of federal highway funding to information technology-based transit projects.

The concept is not yet implemented into law. But developments here this week could tee up the idea for the future.


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