My first of four pieces on relocating the prison in Utah:

DRAPER, Utah, July 26, 2015 — Utah is squarely in the midst of a statewide debate over whether and where to relocate the Utah State Prison at the Point of the Mountain.

It is a complicated political and administrative issue that deserves to be viewed from many vantage points. What’s positive is that the state is in fact undertaking a healthy public process surrounding relocation.

Almost everyone agrees that the decision about what to do should not be primarily about the dollar impact upon the state budget, or how it will impact local or regional economic development — but upon how it would impact, and hopefully improve, the state's criminal justice system.

In other words, whether and where to move the prison should be primarily driven by how it will affect the rehabilitation of inmates.

And by and large, advocates for prisoners — and former prisoners interviewed for these columns — are pleased that it appears a new prison likely will be built somewhere other than its current location in Draper. [...]